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Meet The Owner


Lim Yen Yen gives her mind and heart to Pureeland. Born in the island of Borneo, she decided to go college at Surabaya. Her passion about children and healthy food started when she is becoming a Mother. As a Mother, she believes that children should get the best nutrition to help them grow as they are supposed to be.

She realizes that parents nowadays are having a hard time to find the perfect menu with best nutrition for their children. Through Pureeland, she is trying to solve the problem. She hopes that Pureeland will be the first choice in fulfilling nutrition for children.

Grace Indra Cahya - or just call her Grace, is combined marketing geek in the motherhood life.
Mother of a loving, Sebastian Harvey J – 1 year old. She is fully supported by her loving husband, Hengky Jaya.
She believes that good brand that last in people's heart would perform marketing strategies that add values to consumers' lives. Amused with the evolution of digital world, she also loves paying attention to advertisements, marketing campaigns and the way people sell. A business woman, she thinks she is.
She is Bachelor of Industrial Engineering who now bravely accepts the challenge to use her experience to grow her startups. Grace’s lifetime vision is to become bridging agent in between experienced gen X and super creative gen Y.
She spends 14 years of her life doing brand building, marketing & market research in big corporations for several big brands. She’s handling various positions both in Sales, Trade/Channel Marketing and Marketing.
Having involved with mom's as the target audience she needs to manage during her work life become special experiences for her. Family life, of course changes everything! Especially, when baby was coming as a gift to the family, parents should upgrade their knowledge and add more information about it. But, sadly, right now there’s no integrated site that fulfill any knowledge and information about babies yet in Indonesia. Parents should spend their time in searching from one international site to others, just to find trusted knowledge and perfect information about babies’ things.
She conceived Pureeland as a place where smart, active and caring women could find and share as many as possible information about early stage of our loving baby