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About pureeland

Come together in sweet packages of healthy menus, Pureeland started to grow since 2009 by becoming a baby food expert who provides fresh baby food in Indonesia. The baby food products are served in various textures and ingredients based on two age stages; primary target from 6 months up to 2 years old and secondary target from 2 until 5 years old. Together with Pureeland, we want your kids to experience the freshest food with the richest flavors and the purest textures because in the first 5 years of life, your baby’s eating habits are established. Fresh, neutral and preservatives-free, our baby food products are processed with sterilized equipment and served in a compact and attractive packaging. Available and ready to be served are complete ready-to-eat appetizer, main course, dessert, and snacks for your little ones.
We aim to be the forerunner in this specific field throughout the years in which we are constantly developing the knowledge of food technology to enrich kids’ eating experience during their childhood and ensure that they grow healthily.
Our vision is to be the leading brand influencing healthy eating habits. At Pureeland, we want your child to experience the freshest food, the richest flavors and the purest textures because in the first 5 years of life your baby’s eating habits are established.
• Creating healthy and tasty homemade baby food with natural ingredients.
• Boosting natural growth for infants by making nutritional food products
• Engaging, influencing and nurturing babies’ eating habits
• Simplifying feeding process for young mothers during tight schedules
• Highest nutrition and natural yumminess
• Purest and freshest organic ingredients
• Inventive food processing and technology
• Safe and hygienic packaging in BPA-free containers
• Handled with love and sincerity


"Baby said yummy. Mommy said healthy"